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  • EvE Manager  v.1.0eve manager is Eclipse RCP Application with many plugins: skill planner, route planner(include jump). Integrated with Core EvE Manager is for manage all plugins and interact with them and connect with embedded database.
  • Journal Entry  v.1.0Standalone Journal Entry desktop client, with Derby as embedded database. Utilized Hibernate mapping, JDesktop and others technology. Able to export data into excel/CSV format to import to legacy ERP. Simulate General Ledger module in legacy ERP system.
  • Thyme  v.1.0An easy to use accounting program for small business. Can be translated into any language and hopefully be very configurable without introducing complexity. Written in Java, using a Apache Derby embedded database it can be used on any operating system.
  • Schedulite  v.1.0Lightweight, embedded database-driven java application that manages employees, shifts, locations, and roles, and generates weekly schedules for small businesses.
  • PIWI  v.1.0PIWI is a java based system for managing subscribers and mailinglists and sending newsletters. It runs as webapplication (war) or as standalone application for your desktop, with embedded database (hsql) and webserver. You can use it also per commandline ...
  • CVS2SQL  v.1.0The code of CVS2SQL package takes CVS log text files, parses them and creates SQL embedded database that can later be queried using pure SQL.
  • Spring Derby  v.1.0Framework to ease integration of an Apache Derby embedded database in Spring based projects.
  • Hamsterdb-java  v.0.0.2hamsterdb-java is a Java wrapper for the hamsterdb embedded database library.
  • GigaBASE for Linux  v.3.80GigaBASE is object-relational embedded database engine for C++ applications.
  • Sldb  v.0.7.5sldb is the embedded database for syslog.
  • Accuracer Database System VCL  v.9.00Compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement with SQL, data compression, strong encryption, transactions. No DLLs, No royalties, ODBC Driver, comprehensive help, lots of demos.
  • VistaDB  v.3.0.20Managed and typesafe embedded SQL database engine developed in C# for Microsoft .NET, Compact Framework and Mono. Small 600KB footprint, ASP.NET and WinForms support, SQL Server 2005 compatible, GUI data management tools, free distribution and more.
  • Table Watcher  v.1.0.0A Utility which can be used for integration with other applications. The messages to be send by other applications are written in a database which are picked up by tablewatcher and send as SMS using Cellapps. It works with all versions of ...
  • VelocityDB  v. is an Object Database but it is also a NoSQL, a Graph Data Store and an excellent choice for Embedded database or a Distributed database.
  • IDAutomation Barcode Label Software  v.15.8This is a high quality, easy to use barcode WYSIWYG label design and printing software application. Bar code values can be incremented, retrieved from a database or CSV file or determined by VB script.
  • MySep  v. attractive UI and chart reports, it makes you comfortable in day-to-day project/task time tracking. Also, itls a PSP(personal software process) metrics collector in software developing.MySep is a database application, powered by firebird ...
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